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ski trip


On Friday 21 of September our school went on a ski trip on mount Ruapehu.

We split into two groups, one was of little kids and another of seniors.

After our lessons we got to have free skiing time.

After we were done on the mountain we went to the powderhorn.

It was very fun.

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This term we have done a bit of art as you know post below.

Us six seniors each made a poem about our art this is my one:


Chirpy, happy

Always kind

In the burning sun

Wriggle, waddle

Clouds appear

On the leaf


Happy again.

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This term we are doing lots of art. We are looking at picture books and all of their pictures to start us off Marama picked us a illustrator witch was Eric Carle(the very hungry caterpillar.) So we could do his style of art.
I dicided that I would do a caterpillar. First I painted 6 pieces of paper, all different colours, then I let them dry once they were dry I put another colour on them and continue doing that until you have 3 colours on each piece of paper. Once you have done your last colour draw your animal. After you have done your animal cut it out into pieces use the pieces that you had cut out, as stencils now chose what pieces of paper you want your stencils to be on. Once you have chosen what stencils go were, celotape the stencils to the back of the paper then cut around the stencils. Throw away the stencils then glue you’re painted pieces together on a a3 piece of paper. All done.

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The puke school camp.



​Well as you have probably already heard the pukeokahu school camp was a success and when I say a success I mean It was great. But what other place to have a great school camp then the ohope top ten Holiday park. When the 14 young country kids and 11 adults arrived it was beautiful, you could even hear the sound of the salty sea swishing in the backround like the wind raping its way around the sea, as if it were a cloak , that didn’t last for long it was pure chaos when the kids arrived. I think it made it even worse when Marama said that we could go for a swim after we had unpacked. In a flash we had all gotten our togs on and were ready to go for a swim in the sea. Off we went to the sea. Two minutes later we arrived at the beach as soon as the call was giventr i we dropped Our towels and raced into the sea the the wild wet waves were crashing and knocking the kids down in the wild wavey water the kids kept battling against the waves the kids walked back to camp defeated and cold, still tasting the glorious sea spray in there mouths. Another thing the country school did on camp was go fishing it was on a big boat called the fantom the first thing that the kids said when they saw the boat was ‘awesome’ they hoped on and went for a cruise around the lake. The boat had a couple of kayaks tied to it so the students went for a paddle around. The best thing about the kayaks was that they were glass bottom kayaks which meant we could see through the bottoms of the kayaks. The kayaks plowed through the water like the waves skim across the sea. we caught two fish thattday, they were both kahawai.wOncehtheifishes meat wastcutroff the fishsme,wtristineand lochy played aroundwwithhthe fish. Wwe put the little fishinside of the big fish, we took photos of itt but Mmaram deleted them all! The other thing that we did was go to the Mataatua Marae when we first arrived we went in and looked around. Next we watched a movie in a little room. The movie was about how the Mataatua Marae went around the world and each time it was taken apart and put in a different place it was put inside out so the precious carvings were totally exposed, so they were not protected by anything. Then finally, after years the Marae was taken back to whakatane but by this time it had been cut to fit to other spaces and some of the other carvings were unrepearable, so it had to be redone. Then we went into the Marae and saw all of the carvings they were alsome, everyone took a seat then we watched a light movie, it was so cool. As you can see the camp was really cool and I hope that every camp could be cool like this one was.


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The alphabet with birds.


Here are 26 words to do with birds:
A. Avery.
B. Bell bird.
C. Canary.
D. Dodo.
E. Eagle.
F. Finch.
G. Goose.
H. Hawk.
I. Indian Myna.
J. Jenday conure.
K. Kea.
L. Lark.
M. Morepork.
N. New Zealand pigeon.
O. Ostrich.
P. penguin.
Q. Quail.
R. Robin.
S. shag.
T. Tui.
U. Uncapped parrot.
V. Vasa parrots.
W. Weka.
X. Xeme.
Y. Yellow head.
Z. Zebra finch.

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What if?


What if birds were teachers? If they were then what would they teach, here are some subjects that I think they would teach:
A. How to get food.
B. How to fly.
C. How to make a nest.
D. How to protect them selfs.
E. How to take off and land.
F. How to hatch chicks.
G. Who to avoid.
That is 7 things that I think a bird would teach.

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10 things that a bird would not do.


This term I am doing a contract about birds using thinkers keys and DeBono’s hats, here are ten things that you would never see a bird do.
1.Do 5 back flips in a row,
2.Do the splits,
3.Do head stands,
4.Smile at you,
5.You never see a bird chase a cat,
6.Cook dinner,
7.Read a book,
8.Put wood in the fire,
9.Write on a white board,
10.And ride a motor bike.
That is ten things that you would never see a bird do.

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The Pukeokahu school senior students have been working on claymation. we have been doing production journals as we have been going through the stages we have done four so far here they are:

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What Pukeokahu school did when Richie McCaw came to school.


On Wednesday 15 of June 2011 Richie McCaw came to Pukeokahu school. That’s right Richie McCaw came to Pukeokahu school. Yea, that’s right the Amazing Richie McCaw came to ten children at Pukeokahu school. Aha Richie McCaw amazing, famous rugby player, Captain of the All Blacks No.1 team in New Zealand star of the Crusaders came to astonishing, awesome, small district, everybody knows everybody, two class roomed, tiny ten pupiled Pukeokahu School. Aw, come on I didn’t mean to brag or anything but:


There was a lot of entertaining to be done I mean we didn’t want the All Blacks captain and Crusaders super star thinking that the awsomest school in the world was boring, if you know what I mean. I’ll tell you everything that happened and I’ll try not to leave out any little details, ok?

This might take a while so sit back in your favourite chair start sipping your favourite drink (if your allowed) and don’t forget to grab a snack to eat while you read the story about what Pukeokahu School did when Richie McCaw came to school.

First there was a baking challenge. There were four teams; Jonny, Papa and I in one team, Richie, Marama, Tiana and Micah in another. Peita, Lochy and Logan and last but not least The TV3 Reporter, Millie and Tristin. We had our tables all set up and ready to go, each table had their own identical recipe. Each team had to serve up their three best pikelets. The competition was judged by texture, if they were cooked properly (springiness) and flavour. The final call was set. “Ready, steady, Cook!”. The teams frantically ran back and forwards- all about the tables, mixing, beating, sorting, cooking and finally preparing their dishes. The finishing touch was adding butter and jam to the top.

I think there were some pretty intelligent teams. Each team was very, very competitive- no one wanted to lose. It was called- “The winning team is Richie, Tiana and Micah. I was devastated, I thought it was almost impossible to have two five year olds and a thirty year old rugby player, together in a team actually win a bake off.  I mean two five year olds and a thirty year old in a cooking team? This I thought would be disastrous. Seriously! actually unbelievably impossible, COME ON!!!! Ok, ok I suppose I should move on now.

The chop off was next. You had to have strength and power, well not really you just had to chop lots of wood. Whoever chopped the smallest amount was out. it was a mans job to do the wood chopping. From the crowd five handsome, young and hard working men were chosen. They were Clifford, Guy, Rodger, Richie and the helicopter pilot. The first wood they had to split was poplar. It was softer and just a warm up. Everybody stood back to watch the five men chop wood. For a starter the five men were given five hits each on the own piece of wood. The starting call was called. “Ready, Steady, Chop!”, Andy shouted. The count down was started. “One”, there was a lot of cheering for each and every one of the men. “Two, Three”, “Go Richie!” “Go Clifford!” “Go Dad!” “Four, five- stop!”. There was silence in the crowd. One person was eliminated. “Looks like the Chopper pilot is out”. Next gone was Guy. It was down to Richie, Rodger and Clifford. They had one minute to chop the gum into as smaller pieces as they possibly could. “Ready, steady, CHOP!!!”.


Next here was tug-of-war as one of the activities.  The first two teams were Richie McCaw v.s the ten pupils in Pukeokahu School. The rope was put into its place on the ground, Marama went into the middle held on the rope and called out:” Ready? Set? TUG!” she let go of the rope and both teams tugged as hard as they could Richie slipped Pukeokahu School tugged the towel tied to the middle was so close to going over the line Richie fought back pulling and tugging the teams were tiering but they still fought to win the tugging challenge the teams were heaving. The rope went from one side to the other. The towel went over one of the spray painted lines, everyone stopped pulling. The two teams were puffing and huffing. The winning team was called out by Marama the Principal of Pukeokahu School. “The winning team is Pukeokahu school!” Shouted Marama. “YA!” yelled the pupils of Pukeokahu school.

The next draw in the tug-of-war was the ten Pukeokahu kids with Richie v.s The awesome caring parents of Pukeokahu. (The awesome caring parents of Pukeokahu were also very cunning and were a challenge for Pukeokahu School and Richie.) The rope was put into place on the rugby field on the middle spray painted line the towel that was tied to the rope was sat down on it. Marama talked to Geoff one of the parents that was not able to compete in the competition/ also my dad. Geoff came to the middle of the rope instead of Marama because she was competing Geoff held the towel in the middle of the rope. “Are you ready?Set? TUG!”

Both the teams tugged and pulled. But one last pull from the parents was enough to send Richie and the Pukeokahu kids flying. The Pukeokahu kids lost all their grip on the rope and the ground including Richie the flag ran swiftly along the line and over to the parents. We did try to pull it back but we were to late it already went over the line to the parents it was called. “Parents won!” Called out Geoff.

The next teams were Richie McCaw Puke kids and Taoroa V.S Moawhango. (Moawhango helped Pukeokahu school fundraise for the Pamerston North Westpack chopper.) Marama went to the middle. “Ready, steady, tug she screamed. Both teams tugged, the flag went one way then the other. The teams huffed and puffed, heaved and hauled, until only one team could have won. “Richie, Pukeokahu and Taoroa win”, yelled Marama. The teams shook hands and with that the tug of war was over.

The last thing we did was a challenge for two so it was up to Jonny, one of the Pukeokahu school students, against Richie, the 31 year old V.S the 12 year old, to win the world title of …..

kayak making!

In this challenge both Richie and Jonny had to secure a seat into a kayak. That meant drills and screws but of course Jonny had some practice. anyway, the two didn’t wast anytime when they were told to start they started straight away. Richie didn’t play fair though he hid the screws so Jonny couldn’t find them but when he did find them he was on a roll. Of course it was Jonny who won. We went for helicopter rides and the day was over it was really fun to have Richie come to school.

Thanks for coming Richie!!!!!!!

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The Puke school fair.



On Friday 20th of May it was the Pukeokahu School Fair. We were fundraising for the west pack helicopter. We made stalls and things to put in them. There was alot of baking to be put in the baking stall supervised by Millie like Rocky Road, toffies, fudge and custard square. There was tons of second hand stuff like moter bike boots kids toys and magazines to go into the second hand stall organized by Peita. You could get your nails done with all different colours like green, blue, pink, red and purple at the nails stall that I made. There was some amazing games at the games stall that was made by Lochy and Tristin like pin the rotter on the helicopter, marble mazes a hit man and ball in the box. You could get some cool pictures on your face at the face painting stall. And you were even able to get tickets to ride a pony.their was a BBQ going all the time that meant that there had to be a cupple of chiefs called Cody and Jock cooking the fair sausages and by the BBQ their was a drum of juice 50 cents per cup. We raised  $850.00 at the fair I really enjoyed the fair it was really fun I hope our school has another far like that one it would be really fun.

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